Hero 578 fountain pen


This was my first test with my new Hero 578 pen. I saw Liz Steel using one and it looked like fun, so ordered one for all of $18. And this is it below. It’s incredible quality for the money – solid turned brass….all of it. Makes it heavy but I really like the weight. The nib is extraordinary. It’s lovely and fine when held upright, and very broad and wet when angled down. It also writes beautifully using the back of the nib. So as you can tell I’m really enjoying it – gets through ink very fast though! 



    1. Hi Mel. I use a mixture of Daniel Smith and Winsor and Newton. To make them vibrant I try to keep mixing to a minimum and use lots of pigment – more than I think so the colour looks too vibrant. Then once it dries it fades down quite a lot. Going over the top with the colour essentially and not being too faithful to the real colour. Hope that helps! Oh yes and I buy tubes of paint and then fill my own pans so don’t feel I need to hold back on the amount of paint I use – and this way the paint stays softer and easier to get a lot of pigment.


  1. I’m going through the struggles of trying to find a reasonable quality fountain pen for drawing that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks for posting about this one, looking into it more now


    1. Hi there. The fountain pen Ivalways come back to is my Lamy Safari with extra fine nib. It’s much lighter weight than the Hero, but doesn’t have the variation of line weight. Happy pen hunting!

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