Inktober drawing kit

Thought I should give it ago this year….an ink drawing every day for month of October. Interesting challenge to resist the watercolours! So got out my fountain pens, gave them a clean. Then found that my favourite vintage Mont Blanc is broken – the threaded part of the barrel is breaking away – so that one is back in the drawer until I can get it fixed. So I’ve replaced it with a Rotring Art Pen (from one extreme to another!). I now have a range of nibs for both waterproof and non-waterproof ink:

  • Noodlers Konrad with flex nib filled with deAtramentis document black
  • Lamy Safari with medium nib with Lamy cartridge – so can splodge some water on it and move ink around
  • Rotring Art Pen broad nib with Mont Blanc permanent cartridges
  • Platinum Carbon with sepia cartridge
  • Pentel brushpens – black, grey
  • Pentel Sign pen – black
  • Waterbrush – to splodge around the non-permanent inks

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