First day of #olympic competition…all a bit boring! So spoldged around with some watercolours in sketchbook.

Flat brush

Messing around with a wide flat brush and splodgy watercolour. Makes painting a bit more abstract. Can’t get bogged down in detail – which for me is perfect. Nectarine and Lime

Jack the Russell

One of our six Jack Russells, and yes he is called Jack….snoozing after a walk on a hot day.


Couldn’t stand the tension last night so did some doodling to try and take my mind off it all. Only to wake up to the Out vote….what a miserable day.

Snail ate my Irises

Went out this morning and these Iris flower heads were lying on the ground. Stems nibbled through by naughty snails (or slugs)! So put them in a glass of water hoping they’ll flower and took the opportunity to draw them. This time in pencil, watercolour, colour pencils and some ink at the end. Really like…

Stand-up pencil case

Such a brilliant idea. A pencil case that stands up and one that’s easy to see what’s inside.


Struggling with flu. Thankfully a full box of Lemsip is to hand!

More mop brush watercolours

Loving the mop brush I bought recently. Makes life very splodgy! No control and loads of water makes for loose painting   

New vibrant colours in watercolour palette

I’ve been getting bored with my usual watercolour palette. Partly due I think to having too many choices in it. So I’ve created another box, from a simple Muji plastic box, with just eight colours – three of which are greens. I’ve never ever used a ready mixed green in a palette but I’m starting…

Kunst + Papier sketchbook

Starting new sketchbook – Kunst + Papier – a gift from my stepdaughter in Berlin. It’s thinner paper than I normally like, so not so good for watercolour, but will just about hold it. Very nice quality paper – natural colour, not bright white with a bit of tooth. So think I’ll use it for…

Orange sweater watercolour

  Was about to add colour to face, hair and background, then decided that the focus on orange is much more powerful. Very juicy splodgy watercolour in Seawhite sketchbook. Lines with Noodlers Ahab pen – love it for it’s line weight variability.

Tulip watercolour

 Such beautiful tulips. I love them when they get to this stage of madness and uncontrolability. Noddlers Ahab pen with very splodgy watercolour.

Mary Poppins art bag

 My soft leather yellow bag – deep enough for the most serious sketching kit to get lost in! It has a blue and white striped inner bag, which seems to swallow anything that goes into it – Mary Poppins comes to mind!  

Instant sketching responses

It’s hard work trying to keep up to speed with a blog – and sadly this one has taken a back seat for a month or two while I work on my book. How can it take so long to get the words to say exactly what you mean?! That’s why drawing is probably more…

Watercolour mixes

Starting to really enjoy my very limited palette of watercolours. It started with Jane Blundell’s recommendation for four great colours: Hansa Yellow Medium, Qunacridone Magenta, Phthalo Blue RS, and Transparent Pyrrol Orange. But I found they weren’t quite there, so have added two others – Cerulean Blue and Yellow Ochre. These add a little more…

Drawing with sunglasses

Cycled to Lichere and sat in the late afternoon sun to catch these strong shadows. Colours a bit mad as had very rose tinted sunglasses on while painting!

Jane Blundell

I’m hoping for a delivery tomorrow – four new watercolours, as recommended by Jane Blundell on her blog. She’s based in Australia and has done loads of tests with different combinations of colours. The four I’m waiting for are from Daniel Smiths range of excellent colours: Hansa Yellow Medium PY97 Quinacridone Magenta Phthalo Blue RS Transparent…

Orange cabin

Coming into our village – an orange cabin. Watercolour and pen in sketchbook.  

Pen, pencil, brush

Three key bits of kit. Lamy Joy pen, Pentel mechanical pencil with blue leads (lines don’t show on reproductions) and Pentel waterbrush – ink and watercolour in sketchbook.